Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mentor Program's Best Quarter Ever At 120 Hours!

This last quarter (March, April, May 2014), about 120 hours of awesome knowledge was shared through the Mentor Program. To be exact, it earned 4790 points which is a new high score. In order to make it more fun for all, the program is gamified where 10 points equals 15 minutes.

Looking at the activity in the program, I see many more presentations were given. Many of these presentations are the same presentations that will be given later at conferences all over. This includes presentations about Gamification, Data Science / Big Data, and possibly even Rails.

I appreciate all of those who took the time to share and/or receive knowledge essential to the company. We’re all stronger and happier as a result. So, good job and thanks!

update: For those of you who were curious, check out the blog post about the program that I wrote last year.