Saturday, June 29, 2013

Huge Lift This Quarter - Gamification and Mentor Program

Today, I did the numbers and wow! There was a huge lift this last Q1 quarter compared to last year's Q1. The score for the Mentor Program FY14Q1 is 3590 compared to 1080.

Since 10 points equals 15 minutes, 3590 points equates to almost 90 hours of knowledge sharing! All of it is comprised of CARFAX employees sharing knowledge with CARFAX employees! 

Granted, the number of potential players expanded from our group / department to the whole company. If I focus on just the people in my group, the score is 2930 which is still a huge lift!

The benefits of knowledge sharing are increased productivity, morale, self-esteem, sense of empowerment and more! Doing it with Gamification made it fun and more engaging for the players. 

So, what are you doing to make your world more engaging either at work or in your life?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Love It? Share It! Gamification

Giving a presentation about something you love and believe in is one of the biggest positive rushes!

Recently, I gave a presentation about Gamification at CARFAX, Inc. The audience was awesome!

I covered the following:

       Why Do We Care?
       What Is Gamification?
       Fun? Where? In The Wild!
       Epic Win or Scary?
       Gamification Facts & Figures
       6D Gamification Framework - Professor Werbach’s Design Framework
       Many Paths To Wisdom

That format served quite well. Helping others where to get more knowledge was satisfying. In the Many Paths To Wisdom, I shared these: - Getting Started, GBase
       GSummit Conference
       The Gamification Revolution – book
       Coursera Gamification – Free Online Course

So, if you love Gamification, be sure to stand up and share the love!