Wednesday, August 22, 2012

gitflow and the Apple Store

I have started using gitflow with my iOS (iPhone / iPad) development work. If you want to know why one should use gitflow, read Why Aren't You Using git-flow?

Getting Started - Git Flow tutorial was helpful, especially in the "git flow release" section. One question arises quickly is: When should I do the command git flow release finish?

The answer lies in the following text that comes from the tutorial: "..and your operations team has deployed the Release Candidate to Production..."

In this case, Apple has taken care of releasing the candidate to production through the App Store. Apple is our "operations team." Once the application is available for download from the App Store, you can perform the git flow release finish command. 

The example from the tutorial is: git flow release finish -F -p Version_1.0

To sum up, adding gitflow to your workflow is simple. It makes managing your code fun all the way to the App Store!