Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make Money Writing Code ( Java ) and More At CARFAX - Fulltime Positions

With the new year comes change and new horizons.

Where I currently work,  CARFAX has these Java openings. Isn't it time you considered working for a stable company that has been rated again and again as a great place to work?

Java, one of the most used languages in most shops, is the software developer bread and butter programming language for most teams at CARFAX. We also have a mobile team that I am a proud member of which enjoys doing iOS (iPhone / iPad).

However, there are no iOS openings there at this time. Who knows about the future? :)

  CARFAX's Java openings are a gateway to opportunity, life/work balance and longterm prosperity. Let me know if I can help you understand CARFAX more by tweeting finneycanhelp at twitter or send an email to my account (finneycanhelp@ you know the rest).

Have a great day, week, year, and life!  :)

Update: Stanford has lectures available on how to program using Java. They have links to YouTube! Enjoy and then come back to this post to code at CARFAX!