Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Surrounded By Failure and Still Winning

As you know, "failure leads to success." A quote really brought it home to me again today:

Read Quote of Michael Wolfe's answer to Survey Questions: What are common misconceptions in your field that non-specialists refuse to believe aren't true? on Quora
Whether it is trying out new ideas like Gamification in engagement projects or something personal like a new exercise plan, try and try again.

 One more thing, I am trying out a TODO / good-habits-building web app called HabitRPG to see if it is fun and life enhancing! It's another micro-try. In other words, micro-failures lead to macro-successes! It looks promising.

So, try it out and let me know what you think!

Here's to failures and successes!


  1. I am trying HabitRPG out heavily today and I tried to check off 3 things in the Todos list. I had to refresh a couple times to get all 3 checked off. They know there are issues and are looking for volunteers to fix their open source solution. :)

  2. I took 2 eggs I earned and hatched them! Fun! The different pets are creative. :)

  3. Now the server is restarting due to a memory issue. :)

  4. They revamped the site to make it more stable! Great!