Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fluid Intelligence and Dual-N-Back Workout Success!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, one can increase their Fluid Intelligence playing Dual N-Back as described in a Wired article.

One can download a Dual N-Back game from sourceforge. The tutorial is there as well.

How is it going for me? Today, I got a 100% score with N being 1. That means I can remember and match 1 back for both the image position and audio sound (letter) being said. It was not trivial.

As a reward, I heard clapping which was great! It also automatically increased N from 1 to 2. So, now I am playing Dual 2-Back. Oh my gosh it is challenging!

All in all, I encourage all to try it and level-up your Fluid Intelligence!


  1. Now I am on Dual 3-Back. I haven't spent enough time on this like I should. However, I am diving in now!

  2. OK. I am back at level 2. I must re-earn level 3. :) (There was a quick dip to level 1 as a reorganized my strategy)

  3. Even though it is rough dropping back to level 1, at least I know I can go to level 2 quickly again. :)

  4. OK. So, I am back up to 3 again. I need to understand how to handle the pattern.

    A B C A should be a match on A.

  5. I am dancing between level 2 and 3. Level 2 feels easy now. :)