Sunday, August 3, 2008

Next Language Making Language?

The question is not “What’s the next language?” The question is “What is the next language making language?”

The answer: It will be a language that comes downloaded with out of the box sensible examples so you can use what is given to you right away. Yet, the language itself will easily support the creation of domain specific languages (DSL).

A search for "domain specific languages" in google results in definitions of DSL and languages that can be used for making DSLs. The results are interesting!

Clearly, the demand for new languages is always there. Trying to model something new using an old programming language is sometimes like eating yesterday's breakfast.

Wanting to write in a way which is powerful yet expressive and clear is the foundation for new languages. Demanding a language which supports your domain and how you want to express yourself will always exist!

So, keep your eyes open. Explore. Share the results!

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