Sunday, August 17, 2008

Code Kata Quest for a Coding Dojo

In my quest to find Code Katas for an upcoming Coding Dojo at work, I searched quite a while for something suitable for our needs.

Dave Thomas' Back to the CheckOut at is good. The others there did not seem to exactly fit what we want right now. Either they were
  • too academic (often single function solutions)
  • the ramp up in explaining the problem was too high
  • or there was no coding involved in solving the Kata
The other Code Katas of Dave's may be exactly what others are looking for.

Perhaps if the Klondike one at was sectioned into several exercises, the ramp up of explaining the Kata would be manageable.

Looking elsewhere, I see has a KataCatalogue. Nothing there that seemed to fit as of this writing (August 17, 2008).

In the future, looking at something like Head First books may be promising.

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