Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Love It? Share It! Gamification

Giving a presentation about something you love and believe in is one of the biggest positive rushes!

Recently, I gave a presentation about Gamification at CARFAX, Inc. The audience was awesome!

I covered the following:

       Why Do We Care?
       What Is Gamification?
       Fun? Where? In The Wild!
       Epic Win or Scary?
       Gamification Facts & Figures
       6D Gamification Framework - Professor Werbach’s Design Framework
       Many Paths To Wisdom

That format served quite well. Helping others where to get more knowledge was satisfying. In the Many Paths To Wisdom, I shared these: - Getting Started, GBase
       GSummit Conference
       The Gamification Revolution – book
       Coursera Gamification – Free Online Course

So, if you love Gamification, be sure to stand up and share the love!

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