Sunday, March 24, 2013

Level Up Your Fluid Intelligence

It has been shown that one can increase their Fluid Intelligence if they play the right games.

What is Fluid Intelligence? Fluid Intelligence is the ability to solve novel problems. With a high amount of Fluid Intelligence, one can solve problems they have never seen before.

Gabe Zichermann discusses Fluid Intelligence 11 1/2 minutes into this video:

Fluid Intelligence has to be exercised. As the medical section of the free dictionary puts it, if you don't use it, you lose it over time. Remember, you can increase it even.

So, how can we increase Fluid Intelligence? They can play a game such as Dual N-Back as described in a Wired article.

Where can one get n-back for their computer? One can download a Dual N-Back game from sourceforge. The tutorial is there as well.

Here is a quick video of me playing and explaining it.
Enjoy! ( Thanks goes to the Games MOOC which inspired me to post today! )

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