Sunday, August 21, 2011

Smart Caffeine

In taking a quick WebMD quiz about caffeine ( Quiz: Myths and Facts About Caffeine ), I read in the 2nd question that 200 mg to 300 mg of Caffeine is considered safe for most adults.

Green Tea has health benefits and a little caffeine (about 26 mg for 180 ml aka 6 fl 0z) .   Compare that caffeine to a cup of coffee (about 145 mg of caffeine).

So, green tea is on my radar and I will switch to it soon.

My current favorite drink has about 108 mg per 24 oz. So, I can have about 2 1/2 bottles of that safely.

If I switch to green tea, I can drink how many cups?  It's about the same. 24 oz of brewed green tea is about 104 mg of caffeine.  :)

If I want to push the limits of safe, I can have 400mg of caffeine according to an ABC News webpage.

Raise your glass and let's drink to good health and productivity!


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    1. That was very thoughtful of you to share that with me. Thanks!