Saturday, November 10, 2007

Check My Pulse Via The Plaxo Pulse Lifestream Widget

To add the Plaxo Pulse Lifestream Widget to your blog that is located on
  • Go to
  • Sign in (log into) your account
  • Click the "Layout" link of the blog you want to add the Plaxo Pulse Widget to
  • If not already active/selected, click on the "Template" tab
  • If not already active/selected, click on "Page Elements" sub-tab
  • You should be at the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" screen
  • Copy the HTML you got from activating your Plaxo Pulse Widget (Need the HTML? go to , (sign in) and click on 'Create a "lifestream" widget' Follow the directions.)
  • Again on the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" screen, click "Add a Page Element" link - located on the right hand of the screen
  • A window pops up with "Choose a New Page Element" at the top
  • Click the "ADD TO BLOG" button on the page in the "HTML/JavaScript" section
  • You'll see a screen which says "Title" and "Content".
  • Paste the HTML into the "Content" section
  • Go back up to where it says "Title" and give this widget a title. Mine is "My Plaxo Pulse"
  • Hit the "SAVE CHANGES" button.
  • See the "Page element added" text now at the top of your web page screen.
  • Click on "View Blog" or navigate to your blog via and click "View Blog"
  • See your Plaxo Pulse Lifestream Widget on your blog!
  • To see mine (Michael Finney blog) look at
  • My Plaxo Pulse Lifestream widget is titled "My Plaxo Pulse" although the text "Check My Pulse" is more prominent with its white text on a blue background.
Enjoy. Feel free to ask questions and do not forget to ask and Plaxo Pulse ( ) for help as well if you need it.

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